Transport Services for the Biggest Mobile Object on the Road- a House

Everyone has seen that picture of the house tied to the back of a truck and being hauled down the road. It seems absolutely bizarre and ridiculous that someone would want their home towed and relocated. Yet, mobile homes are relocated in this way every single day across the country. It is the answer to relocating without worrying about selling and buying a new property. Want to just keep the same home? Get it hauled with TRANSPORT SERVICES.

The costs may seem high on paper. A customer can expect to pay anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 for the transfer of a mobile home across a state. The rates will always vary due to the wide complications involved. That leads to what a customer is getting with the relocation of their home. These expenses get lost in the shuffle.

* A customer is getting all permits needed to relocate the home. This means that the home is lifted out of a neighborhood, transferred across the state or multiple states, and dropped into a new area with no concern over permitting. All that is accounted for.
* The customer is also getting an escort, which is usually needed for safety reasons. This is a driver who follows behind the truck while it is on the road. It has bright lights and flashers that signal a large vehicle incoming.
* The customer is getting a transfer that is licensed and insured through the driving company. In a case of any incident, the company providing the TRANSPORT SERVICES pays the bill. This is incredibly valuable, and it protects the client accordingly.
* The customer is also getting the utility hook-up. The home is assured to be suitable for moving-in once it is relocated. This includes any tasks that are needed once the home is dropped in the new lot.
Administrative concerns are also accounted for. This includes any arrangements with the new land owners, if applicable. Taxes are also organized and provided to the client. is a website that details local transport options. But, often times the team handles an ambitious project, such as moving a mobile home across the country.

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