Where to Go for Crating in Dallas?

Whether needing crating for a treasured family heirloom, an antique vehicle, or a heavy-duty piece of equipment, the best place to go is an experienced company. A company that can design and build customized crates, skids, and pallets, such as Crate Master, for example, will be able to protect whatever it is that has to be stored, shipped, or transported. Odd-shaped items like movie props, a stuffed moose head, or a sculpture will need special crating, cushioning, and bracing to get it to its final destination safely and securely.

Delicate items can be placed in individual lined compartments in the same crate to save shipping costs, and make sure all the pieces arrive at one time. That would work well for Grandma’s tea set that is being passed down to a daughter on her wedding day. It arrives in one piece as a complete set. Just put a bow on it and it is all set for the big event. Delicate items that are part of heavy machinery are also wrapped with expert care. Many technical and diagnostic machines have sensors, arms, or calibrating computers that have to be moved gently. The right crating in Dallas can keep them safe while in transport.

Heavy items, such as machinery, metal production supplies, or military vehicles, need Crating in Dallas that has been reinforced, fitted with wheels or casters, or placed on specially designed skids or pallets. A company that can design, build, and then pack crates, pallets, and skids, can save a business time and money. Crating can be done on-site or at their location. In addition to wheels, bracing, and cushioning, crates and pallets can have hinges, locks, and doors.

Packing materials can consist of foam blocks, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, pallet wrapping, vapor barrier bags, and mechanisms for shock and vibration resistance. Shipping can be national or international by land, air, or sea. Familiarity with customs regulations regarding crates and pallets make getting items through customs quick and easy. That saves time, and ensures packages will arrive on schedule. Take the worry put of packing and shipping items by leaving the logistics to experts.

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