Preparing Books For Storage in NYC

When someone has a book collection that they need to place in Storage in NYC, they may be a bit fearful they will lose some of their prized possessions if they do not take proper precautions to keep them safe from moisture. Here are some tips one can use to keep their book collection in the best of condition while in a storage unit.

It is best to find a storage unit with climate control capabilities. If this is not possible, then putting small containers of charcoal pieces, cat litter, or cedar chips inside the unit can help with the retention of moisture. This will make the area less humid, helping to keep the paper in the books intact as a result. If the paper in the books gets too moist, they may curl up or become too wet to turn pages.

Books should be stored inside archival boxes if possible. These are made from acid-free cardboard, making the books less likely to become aged while in storage. If this type of box is not obtainable, then a regular corrugated box can be used. It is best to stack books vertically, so the spines are facing upwards. Make sure there is not space around any of the books, so they do not bend. Place pieces of newspaper in the box to fill in any voids if necessary.

If someone wishes to place books on shelving units in the storage unit, they should be made from metal. Unfinished wood shelving units could deteriorate the paper of books. When placing books on a shelf, start with the smallest book and place one of a similar size next to it. Continue adding the books until the largest book is placed. This will help keep the books from bending as there will be support on each side of each one.

When someone wishes to put books in Storage in NYC, they can rent a unit from a reliable facility. Contact Big Johns Moving Inc to find out more about storing materials as well as some more tips on how to keep them in the best of shape.

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