How a Custom Pallet in Fort Worth Can Solve Shipping Problems

Every day, tons of materials move around the world efficiently and arrive safely thanks to professional packing and crating. Pallets, or skids, are a big part of the process. The flat support structures may be built from various kinds of materials, and a pallet in Fort Worth may even be customized for special use. In fact, it is fairly common for companies to hire experts like Crate Master to build unique skids. The custom pallets are guaranteed to meet all regulations, fit materials being shipped, and allow for efficient material handling.

Custom Pallets Can Be Designed for Any Shipment

Manufacturers supply a wide variety of pallets made from materials like plastic, metal, or wood. Most are fairly standard in size, although dimensions can vary somewhat in different areas of the world. The structures are often designed to hold cardboard boxes full of goods as well as loose items. Loads are generally secured with straps as well as stretch or shrink wrapping. However, clients who have an over-sized, awkwardly shaped, or extremely heavy item often request that a Crating packing service design a special skid. When they design a custom pallet in Fort Worth, crating specialists approach it as a design problem that needs to be solved. They will provide made-to-order pallets for domestic and International shipments of every kind.

Craftsmen Design Pallets for Easy Transport

Businesses typically transport items on pallets because it makes moving shipments safe and easy. Depending on its intended use, a pallet can be customized to make it easier for forklifts or pallet jacks to lift. As craftsmen design custom skids, they consider the weight and dimensions of the expected load and then adapt construction for the type of loading, shipping, and transport clients expect. For example, they may ensure that pallets can easily be picked up from any direction or are adaptable to automatic racking systems. Pallets can also be constructed for secure warehousing or created to be moved into containers for ocean voyages. Builders ensure that every pallet meets necessary standards, including military, customs, and International requirements.

Freight is often moved around the world strapped to standard-sized pallets that simplify handling. However, many businesses order custom pallets designed for unique shipping needs or unusually large or heavy items. Crate and packing experts create the structures to order and ensure that they meet the highest standards.

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