Advantages of Off-Site Warehousing Services in Bonita Springs, FL

Warehousing services in Bonita Springs FL are available for business owners who do not want to or cannot have a warehouse at their own facility. Many businesses simply do not have space available to hold the amount of inventory they want to keep on hand. Others have concerns about employing warehouse personnel and find it significantly more cost-effective to outsource the work.

Injury Risk

It’s not just the cost of paying more employees, including providing benefits. Warehouse employees are at greater risk of injury than workers in many other occupations, and many business owners do not want to take on the potential liability and increases in workers compensation insurance premiums. Contracting with a company providing Warehousing Services in Bonita Springs FL is often a smart decision, especially for small businesses operating on tight budgets.

Frequent Causes

Incidents on loading docks and accidents involving forklifts are the two most frequent causes of warehouse injuries. Manual lifting is another prevalent cause, as are tasks that require working on and around conveyors. Slipping or tripping and falling are common warehouse-related injuries. Uneven surfaces, wet floors, and pallets on the floors are frequent factors in these episodes.

Forklift accidents can cause injuries to drivers and people on the floor. A company that needs these workers must make sure they are fully trained and may even have to require random drug testing. A company that specializes in warehousing, storage and moving services is better equipped than a small business to manage these issues.

OSHA Fines

Another aspect business owners must consider is the possibility of a steep fine from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration if infractions are discovered. These fines run thousands of dollars and become considerably more punitive for repeat violations.

A Welcome Option

Storing a large amount of inventory with a company such as Rice’s Moving & Transport Inc. is a welcome option for many organizations. Even some of the largest manufacturing corporations warehouse certain types of inventory off-site. That way, the materials are close to specific locations where they might be needed in a hurry. Click here to find out more about this particular facility.

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