What Can Be Expected While Taking CDL Courses in Chicago?

CDL training is vital for being able to launch a career as a professional truck driver. When a student first begins training, they can often feel a little overwhelmed, especially if they do not know what to expect. Although the CDL Courses in Chicago are demanding, they can also be very rewarding. This information will help students to better understand what they can expect from training.

What Happens During Training?

The first week in the CDL Courses in Chicago involves getting to know the instructor and fellow classmates and starting off on some of the bookwork training that will be required. Although this is not the most exciting part of the training, it will lay the vital foundation that will be needed when a student goes for their exam.

The real fun of training begins once a student gets behind the wheel. The following are the areas of training students can expect once they start driving:

  • How to turn the tractor-trailer appropriately and effectively
  • How to appropriately handle all intersections and railroad crossings
  • How to drive in city environments and handle large amounts of traffic
  • How to backup the tractor-trailer
  • How to couple and uncouple
  • How to properly test the brakes for safety
  • How to properly inspect a load before a trip

How to Get the CDL License

Upon completion of the CDL course, a student can seek their CDL license. It is important the student is able to meet all of the qualifications, including passing the CDL knowledge assessment. The following are the requirements for obtaining a CDL license in the state of Illinois:

  • A person must meet all of the requirements for obtaining an Illinois driver’s license.
  • The applicant must pay the $50.00 fee for a permit.
  • The applicant must fill out the application.
  • The person must pass the CDL written test and road test.
  • The person must pay the license and endorsement fees.

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