Multiple Options for a Commercial Drivers License in Hickory Hills, IL

The trucking industry is in need of qualified drivers for long distance driving, regional opportunities, and local drivers for deliveries and pick-ups. There is a course designed to train people for each of those types of truck driving. There is also a course that qualifies drivers to operate single commercial vehicles. When seeking a Commercial Drivers License in Hickory Hills IL, the options do not stop at the type of courses offered.

Courses Offered

A Class A CDL, or commercial drivers license, consists of three separate courses, depending on the goals of the driver. The driver interested in driving tracker trailer trucks over the road (OTR) for long trips or dedicated runs will need to complete a course that lasts for 160 hours. The course for local drivers is 200 hours, while the regional course is a mixture of the elements of the previous two at 240 hours. The Class B CDL is for straight trucks and single vehicles and requires 160 hours of training.

Courses and Programs Differ from School to School

Most schools for getting a Commercial Drivers License in Hickory Hill IL have classes full-time Monday through Friday. That is no problem if students are single and have no current jobs. That schedule will not work for the student with a job or a family. Many students in trucking school are looking for a trade after losing a job, need to find something better than the job they have, or are anticipating downsizing.

An experienced operation, such as the Star Truck Driving School, will realize that flexible scheduling allows more people to participate in courses. Small class sizes, classes seven days a week, and the option to attend full or part-time fit into hectic lives. It is possible to prepare for a brighter future while keeping the current job that pays the bills. Four locations are available for convenience.

On the Road

Some schools have a training course geared toward preparing students for their permit tests. Those do need to completed successfully before getting a CDL, but actual driving on city streets and the highway does more to prepare students for driving in real conditions. Getting into a truck to drive on the first day maximizes the experience and skills the student will have while driving. Select a school carefully to get the best education needed to drive trucks.

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