Eco-Friendly Tips After Hiring a Moving Company in Naples, Florida

Green families want everything they do to be as environmentally responsible as possible. Moving from one house to a new home can potentially produce a lot of waste. There are ways that everyone can keep their move eco-friendly even when they work with a professional moving company in Naples FL. Here are four simple tips.

Plan Move Wisely

Good planning prevents wasted mileage. The fuel usage adds up when multiple vehicles or large moving trucks must haul thousands of pounds of personal belongings to their new location. Look for shorter routes and streets that are less likely to have traffic congestion. Plan ahead to be certain that everyone only needs to make one trip.

Use Reusable Containers

Pack items in every container already in the home before getting any boxes. Leave clothing in bureaus and use suitcases, shopping bags and clothes baskets. Use anything that makes it easier to carry multiple items together. Remember to use eco-friendly packing supplies too. Avoid plastic bubble wrap and use newspaper or already-owned hand and dish towels to protect delicate items.

Sort Home Mindfully

Remember to donate, recycle and sell instead of throwing things out. Even broken items may have value to someone. Establish a zone for free items in the yard as packing begins or take photos of the unwanted stuff and advertise on social media. When people move unnecessary or unwanted belongings, they are wasting packing supplies and fuel.

Choose Movers Carefully

Hire responsible movers with green practices. The company may supply their customers with recycled packing containers, recycled move pads and environmentally friendly packing materials. Some companies retrieve the boxes and packing materials after the move and recycle them for the customer. Green movers also keep their vehicles maintained and clean to prevent unnecessary fuel waste or emissions.

Environmentally-minded families do not have to feel as if they need to sacrifice their beliefs when they hire a moving company in Naples FL. Every homeowner can find ways to keep the move eco-friendly. Contact Rice’s Moving & Transport, Inc. to learn about the methods they use to keep their business green or to receive an estimate for moving services.

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