5 Hiring Tips to Help You Choose Long Distance Movers

by | Aug 28, 2020 | Moving Companies

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Bad movers can make moving day an absolute nightmare. Want to avoid the stress and hassle? Here are hiring tips to help you pick the best long distance movers in Kirkland:

Hire based on reputation

If there’s one hiring tip you’ll want to keep in mind, it’s that hiring a company with a good reputation can save you a lot of time and effort. You want a moving firm you can trust with your belongings, one that won’t abscond with your worldly possessions. Engaging the services of a reputable firm like company is one way to ensure that.

Do your research

Don’t just go online and go with the first one you find. Check the company’s credentials. How long has the company been in business? That’s one of the most basic questions you’ll want to ask before you consider handing over your prized possessions to a moving company, says the Huffington Post.

Read reviews

Before hiring company look for online reviews. If they have ratings online, check those as well. Are there too many negative reviews about the company? That’s a sure sign that the company isn’t a good bet and you’ll be better off steering clear of them.

Know what the rates include

Low rates don’t always translate to your final bill. That’s why it’s wise to be clear on what those rates include. A few minor changes can also do a lot to reduce your bill. For instance, some moving firms charge more when you book them on weekends. If you book them on weekdays, would it make a difference? Ask and find out. You could net considerable cost-savings simply by changing your moving date.

Ask about packaging

How will they protect your belongings? Will they wrap your furniture? Some moving firms offer packaging services so you might want to ask if they offer those services too.