Questions To Ask When Researching Moving Companies

by | Oct 12, 2017 | Moving Companies

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Moving from one home to another will force you into making a number of critical decisions in a very short period of time. From choosing the interior décor of your new home to picking the perfect move date can rapidly become overwhelming. One of the most important decisions is also one of the most difficult; choosing the best from the available cheap moving companies in Chicago. With hundreds of local moving companies to choose from, to get the best you have to be ready to ask questions.


  • Unfortunately, it only takes a truck and a few strong backs to be in the moving business, but it takes more than that to provide a quality, error-free move. Only discuss your move with companies that are properly licensed by the state which is a requirement for local moving companies.


  • Not every move is the same; when you are discussing your move make sure the cheap moving companies in Chicago that you are considering have ample experience handling a move similar to yours. If you are moving from a house in the suburbs to a high-rise in the city make sure the company has experience making moves like this. The right movers for the job will be able to deal with on-street parking restrictions, steep stairways, and narrow halls.


  • It would never enter your mind to hire a new employee without checking his or her references, the same should hold true when you are about to hire a moving company. Ask for references and by all means, follow through. A reputable moving company will be happy to provide you with the information you need to make an informed choice.

Always check the insurance that the moving company has, you want to be sure that if there is a mishap along the way that any loss or damage is covered.

Not all cheap moving companies in Chicago do second class work. If you are looking for a moving company with years of experience and will do the job for a reasonable price, you are invited to ask for a proposal from Aaron Bros Moving System, Inc.