The Benefits of Rigging in Fort Worth

by | Nov 10, 2017 | Moving Services

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Rigging is a very efficient way to lift, move or install just about any object, especially large and heavy items. Rigging can be used for more than just large items, and this guide will explain the benefits of Rigging in Fort Worth and elsewhere.

Riggers Do More Than Just Lift Large Items

One of the more common misconceptions that surround rigging is that it is only needed for lifting larger objects. Most professional rigging companies not only provide rigging services but also offer other services as well. These may include hydrostatic painting, or millwright and pressing services. Some may even offer crating services, from small antiques all the way up to airplanes. With Rigging in Fort Worth, there is truly no job too small.

Do Business With a Rigger That Values Safety

Customers want to work with the peace of mind that both the rigging company and the equipment being used onsite operate with safety in mind. Customers should ask about any ongoing safety initiatives the rigger may utilize. It’s also wise to ask about their EMR (Experience Modification Rate) and safety ratings. A lower rating can equate to savings for the customer’s, as the rigger’s insurance costs will most likely be lower.

Partner With a Multi-Faceted Rigger

Finding a rigger that has experience not only moving large and heavy objects but also small and delicate items can be invaluable. The more experienced companies also utilize specialized transportation, which may include containerized options, air ride and specialized trailers, and heavy hauling. Some riggers also employ hydraulic tiltbed trucks and trailers.

Deal With A Local Rigger

Those in the Dallas/Fort Worth area should partner with a local rigger. Browse us to learn about a rigger that since 1980 has served the needs of commercial and industrial customers. They have served customers in the aerospace, automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry. They can also provide retrofitting, crating, and even laser alignment. Customers should inquire about the size of the warehouse a rigger may have and if they offer storage. Customers should also ask riggers if they have experience with laser precision alignment. This may entail spindle alignment, coupling alignment, bore alignment and even machine geometries.