How to Find a Low Storage Rate in Eyota, MN

by | Sep 24, 2018 | Moving & Storage

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Self-storage units provide a cost-effective and convenient solution for storing household items that are too valuable, either commercially or sentimentally, to get rid of but don’t get used often enough to justify cluttering up the house. Not all storage facilities are created equal, though, and those who are working on a budget are more likely than most to recognize the vast discrepancies in rental prices between different units. Read on to find out how to get a Storage Rate in Eyota, MN renters can afford even when they’re on a budget.

Rent During the Slow Season

If it’s at all possible to delay renting a storage unit by a few months, readers can take advantage of the better deals and promotions offered during the fall and winter months. While the summer months are typically very busy for the self-storage industry, the cooler months tend to find far fewer renters stopping by the office. This often leads facilities to offer better rates in order to entice new customers.

Choose the Right Size

Do some research before renting a unit to make sure that it won’t be larger than necessary. While it is important for long-term renters to make sure they will have enough space to accommodate additional goods in the future instead of having to move everything to a new unit, it just doesn’t make sense to rent one that is too large. Instead, take inventory of everything that is likely to be stored there and rent a unit that will accommodate these possessions with a little bit of extra space instead of renting the largest unit available.

Choose Amenities Wisely

The more amenities a facility has, the higher renters’ monthly payments will be. Climate control, for example, can raise storage rates by as much as 50%, so it’s important to only use it if it is truly necessary. Traditional units tend to come at a lower Storage Rate in Eyota, MN renters can afford more easily.

Choose Facilities Wisely

Do some research prior to renting a unit. Rochester Indoor Storage offers affordable rates that don’t come at the expense of decreased security, convenience, or service. Visit to get the search for a budget storage rental started off on the right foot.