Frequently Asked Questions About Moving Machinery In San Antonio

by | May 18, 2017 | Moving Services

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Manufacturing companies and plants often use large and heavy machinery in the workplace. If there comes a time when the machinery must be moved to a different location, it can become a real problem for the business owner. Heavy machinery is not only difficult to move, it can be very dangerous for individuals if they lack experience moving large equipment. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn additional information about moving machinery in San Antonio.

Are machinery moving employees required to have specialized safety training for moving heavy machinery?

Companies that specialize in moving heavy machinery must comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. Many companies go above and beyond OSHA standards by implementing special safety programs that ensure safe work practices. These programs often consist of regular training, audits, and safety meetings for all employees. When moving heavy machinery, employees are also required to wear proper protective gear that also contributes to safe work practices.

What are some of the services provided by companies that move heavy machinery?

Companies specializing in moving heavy machinery and equipment often offer a variety of services to their customers. These may include moving a single machine or piece of equipment that’s very large or heavy, moving an entire plant or facility, disassembling and erecting equipment, and rigging services. Many companies also provide storage for large machines and equipment if needed. The company can move the item from its present location and provide storage until it’s ready to be moved to a new location.

Can large machinery moving companies move items that are fragile?

Professional moving companies that specialize in moving machinery in San Antonio also have the experience and resources to move fragile items. When necessary, these types of items can be crated to ensure they arrive at their destinations undamaged. Specialized crates are made precisely for each item that must be transported, and no item is too large or too small. Types of items that are commonly crated include products made of glass, helicopters, and bulk cargo.

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