The Case for Perusing Car Hire in San Jose, Costa Rica

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Transportation and Logistics

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Car hire businesses ride on the tourism industry. This is no less true in San Jose, Costa Rica. But why hire a car, you ask, when I can simply take the bus around the city, hail a cab or even call in an Uber driver? It all depends on what you want to achieve in your trip to Costa Rica, really. Taking public transportation or ridesharing services is fine if you just want to stay in San Jose, but if you want to venture out of the city to see the natural wonders of Costa Rica, then you might want to consider checking out a car hire company website to book yourself a sweet ride. Here’s what I think makes the case for hiring a car if you plan to visit San Jose.


Hiring a car affords you flexibility that you cannot get from taking public transport or taking ridesharing services, even in city proper. Want to return to the hotel at 3am after partying all night? There are no buses, and taxis usually have a hefty extra charge for late services and Uber drivers might not be active at the time. If you rented a car, though, you’ll be just fine. Just make sure to keep yourself sober or have one of your friends as designated driver and keep sober to send you all back safely.

For those keen explorers, having control of where you go can also be a boon to your wanderlust since you can get off the beaten path and seek out those hidden gems that public transportation does not reach.


Cramming into a bus is no fun, especially if you’re packed in with a throng of tourists on a bus. Such is often the case if you elect to go to famous tourist attractions by bus. Hailing a cab, while comfortable, is also comfortable but might incur a hefty cost that could be better spent on food or souvenirs. The best option for those long trips is car hire. You have the benefit of having your very own personal moving couch, insulated from the elements, blasting your favorite music while driving towards your next adventure. It truly is the way to explore.


While you may think that car hire is costly, it makes the most economical sense if you are going about a lot. While its thriftiness cannot be compared with buses, car hire can be cheaper than traveling by taxis or via ridesharing services in the long run since they have to make a profit, too. Furthermore, they often charge by distance traveled. While for car rentals, you pay a fixed amount per day, regardless of distance traveled and the only other thing you have to pay for is the fuel.

If I’ve gotten you convinced, then you must be wanting to know your options for car hire in San Jose. One such company is Solid Car Rental, reachable on their website They provide a wide range of vehicles in addition to value-added services, the full list of which can be had on their website.